Indoor Clothesline


Indoor Clothesline??? Really??? Who wants that as a gift for someone else or even themselves? That is what you are saying right now, aren’t you? Well yes at first glance this Indoor Clothesline may not look like what you would class as a slam dunk gift idea. However, this is one of the most practical things you can buy a person or even yourself. Plus, this is currently being sold for five bucks so it is an absolute bargain!

The idea of the Indoor Clothesline is not rocket science it does exactly what the name suggests. You attach one side of it to a wall and then the hooks on the other. When you want to use it you pull it out, attach to the hooks and you have yourself a clothesline. What is actually great about this is that you can put this in your laundry room, or you could even actually put it outside. It gives you up to 48 feet of hanging room so you can fit a lot of clothes on here.


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  • Jason Delacey