Rainbow Glitter Unicorns

Finding arts and crafts kits that are fun and also pretty cool can be rather tough, but this Rainbow Glitter Unicorns set is both. Kids love unicorns these days and with this set, they get all they need to make two really nice and pretty and also shiny unicorns. They can make a mummy unicorn and a baby unicorn with this set. It is very easy to do and they place the clay and the 3D glitter where they would like. This set makes it as easy to do as possible!

Once they are done, they will have these really cool unicorn figures. These are quite robust so they are something that they can have on display or they can actually play with them. These are great and basic art kits that would be ideal for a child who is just developing a love for making things. Plus, you do not have to worry about these making a mess as you do with other craft kits.