3D Pixel Puzzle Deluxe - Sushi


There are some pretty incredible puzzles on the market these days, but these 3D Pixel Puzzles sets are really cool and very different. Even the most hardcore jigsaw puzzle enthusiast is going to be pretty blown away by this. The best way to think of these is that they are actually more like Lego than they are a traditional old puzzle. This may sound kind of odd, but figuring out what pieces go where is way more challenging than you would think. 

This particular 3D Pixel Puzzle Deluxe - Sushi, as the name suggests, lets you build this pretty cool looking sushi platter. It is very unusual and very unique so it is the kind of thing that is actually a great conversation piece. If you love puzzles, or know someone who does, This 3D Pixel Puzzle Deluxe - Sushi set is really different from what is usually regarded as a "puzzle" and the fact it is under 20 bucks makes it a very easy recommendation. 


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  • Jason Delacey