Alice in Wonderland Labyrinth


These metal Disney puzzles have proven to be very popular. This Alice in Wonderland Labyrinth could very well be the best one these guys have done yet. These puzzles which are made by a company called, HANAYAMA are really cool in that they are not technically designed for kids. This is a level 4 puzzle so it packs quite the impressive challenge. The idea of the puzzle is simple in theory. You need to carefully move the pieces so that the puzzle can come apart. It is the kind of thing that sounds very easy, but it is actually far more difficult to do than you would think.

What makes this Alice in Wonderland Labyrinth puzzle so cool is that this is the kind of thing that you could easily imagine Alice having to do during her adventure in Wonderland. Of course, if you fail to complete this you do not have to worry about The Queen of Hearts coming after your head!


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  • Jason Delacey