Crystal Puzzle - Belle


This series of Disney Crystal Puzzles are becoming insanely popular. What is great about these is that they are great for kids. First of all, they are fun to build, this Belle one is only around 40 pieces so it is not too hard to piece together. Then when it is done, your child has one of their favourite Disney Princesses on their shelf. 

For an adult, this Crystal Puzzle - Belle looks so classy, cool and high quality that it looks great sitting on a shelf or on the mantelpiece with the rest of your Disney collectables. What makes this Belle Crystal Puzzle so special is that they have used yellow pieces which just captures Belle perfectly. If you are a Disney fan or know someone who is, you really cannot go wrong with this. Just a word of warning, these are super addictive so you might want to collect the whole set! 


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  • Jason Delacey