Crystal Puzzle - Cinderella


Disney fans have been going crazier for these Disney Crystal Puzzle sets that the evil stepsisters did when the glass slipper was brought to their house! These puzzle sets are fantastic. They are a lot of fun to put together and once you are done you have a really nice, classy and smart looking Disney statue to put on your shelf and display with pride. This one here as you can see is Cinderella one of the most iconic Disney Princesses around.

Cinderella is made up of just over 40 pieces. These little plastic crystal pieces will snap together and figuring out where each piece goes is a lot of fun. It is not too hard to do and the pieces do fit together nice and tight so you do not have to worry about it falling apart. If you are a Disney fan or know someone who is this is an awesome purchase…… just make sure you get it made before midnight!


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  • Jason Delacey