Crystal Puzzle Daisy Duck


Disney fans are falling in love with this line of Disney Crystal Puzzles. While the go to might be someone like Mickey or perhaps one of the Disney Princesses. A Disney fan will more likely appreciate getting a character that is well known, but one that you do not get a ton of merch for such a lovely Daisy Duck here. Daisy looks awesome and she has that look on her face where you know she just has told off Donald for being grouchy! 

This puzzle is made up of 29 purple crystal-like pieces that all piece together to make a Daisy Duck statue. It is aimed for kids 12 years and up and it is certainly not a toy and something that is designed with sitting on a shelf in mind. This is fun to build and it also makes for a great collectible. Plus there is not enough Daisy Duck stuff out there so it will be a great addition to any Disney collection. 


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  • Jason Delacey