Crystal Puzzle - Minnie Mouse


Disney is nailing it with these awesome Crystal Puzzle sets. This one here is the Crystal Puzzle - Minnie Mouse set and it is one of the most popular. Minnie is a real Disney icon and this awesome puzzle is something that younger and…. Not so young Disney fans can all enjoy. The way that these puzzles work is by snapping together the little crystal pieces. This is very easy to do, but it is also rather challenging as you figure out what piece goes where Minnie here as 39 pieces that make her up.

One of the things that makes the Minnie Mouse Crystal Puzzle really cool is how they have used pink puzzle pieces. This really does capture Minnie perfectly and makes her stand out when she is on display. If you are a Disney fan or you know one, this is a great gift idea as it is fun to make and then it looks awesome when it is on a shelf.


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  • Jason Delacey