Crystal Puzzle - Tinker Bell


People are freaking out over these Disney Crystal Puzzle sets and this Crystal Puzzle - Tinker Bell is one of the most stand out puzzles from the whole first series. What really makes this a stand out piece is that green plastic crystal pieces that they have used. Of course, when you think of Tinker Bell you think of green so it works perfectly, but for her wings, they have used these clear pieces of plastic and it makes for a really cool effect, especially if you put a little LED light behind this thing. 

Building this is not too much of a challenge as it is around 40 pieces. The pieces snap together quite solidly so you do not have to worry about it easily falling apart. If you want to get a Disney fan (no matter how old they are) something that lets their creative flag fly and also gives them something cool to display with their Disney collection, this is perfect.



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  • Jason Delacey