Hatchimals Sound Clip-On


A couple of years back kids went well and truly nuts for Hatchimals! Thankfully they are much easier (and way more affordable) to get hold of now. What we have here is a Hatchimals Sound Clip-On which is a fun way for a child to add to their Hatchimal collection or even start it off. These are a lot of fun as they are done in the blind box (well in this case Mystery Egg) style and a huge part of the fun is your child will not know which Hatchimal they are getting until they come out of the egg!

These smaller Hatchimals are super adorable and they make some fun and cute sounds. Also, they come with a little clip so they can be attached to their school bag or whatever they want so they can take their little Hatchimal with them wherever they go. There are 14 different Hatchimals to collect. The different kinds of Hatchimals that are in this set are, Penguals, Draggles, Bearkakeets, Owlicorns, and Burtles. These are a ton of fun and something and child will adore.


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  • Jason Delacey
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