Jurassic World Assorted 35 Piece Puzzle

Welcome to Jurassic World! For the kid who wishes they could go to Jurassic World and run amuck with dinosaurs. This Jurassic World 46 Piece Mystery Puzzle Egg is going to be something that they have a lot of fun with. This puzzle is based on the most recent movie so it is going to be a dinosaur that they would have seen on the big screen.

What makes the Jurassic World 46 Piece Mystery Puzzle Egg so cool is that while this is a full sized 46 piece puzzle, it is a surprise as to who they get. They may not figure it out until the puzzle has been fully built. Of course, by then it could be too late and the dinosaur has come to life and is eating everything in sight…… or they could just have fun making this awesome puzzle.