Mickey and Minnie Keys


Now this is a really neat puzzle that is sure to get you thinking! These Mickey and Minnie Keys are a very fun Disney puzzle that is great for any Disney fan. The idea of these is that there is a key for Minnie and then there is a Key for Mickey. These keys when you first take them out of the packaging the two keys will be locked together which is kind of sweet as it is Mickey and Minnie after all. The person who has them in hand needs to try and position and move the keys so that they can separate.

This is something that sounds super easy and while it is fun to do this yourself. A huge part of the fun is hearing a friend or family member saying “that sounds easy” and then watching them struggle to do it. On the flip side of this, these keys are really, really cool. As a result, these are the kind of things that Disney fans would love to have on display with their collection.


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  • Jason Delacey