1 Box Sets, Book Sets, Book Packs

Here at Dave’s Deals we know how important it is to get kids to read. It can be tough these days, what with video games and YouTube being all kids want to do. But we have a large selection of box sets, book sets and book packs which are great for sparking a child’s imagination into wanting to read.

We have all kinds of box sets with Disney, Star Wars, Transformers, Frozen, Marvel and
Peppa Pig just being a few of the popular ones that we have. Getting a book set is great as you are getting in most cases at least four different books in one pack. A child is much more likely to get excited about a book if it is part of a collection. They see that there are multiple books and that looks much cooler than just one single book.

Another great way to get a child to read is with one of our book packs. We have some great book packs based on things like Peppa Pig, SpongeBob Squarepants and Peter Rabbit to name a few. These are fantastic as you are giving the child a book, but they are also getting a plush toy with it as well. Get them to read the story to the plush toy or get them both to cuddle up on the couch as you read to them.

Busy books are another great way to get a child to enjoy reading. These are ideal for
children who are just starting to read on their own. We have all kinds of busy books such as Paw Patrol, The Lion Guard, Trolls and the brand new Moana from Disney. A busy book
gives you a fun story to read as well as a whole bunch of little action figures to play with.
Your child will have a great time playing out the story they have just read.

So if you are having a hard time getting a child to enjoy reading. Then have a think about
getting them a box set or books or a book pack or even one of our fun busy books.