5 Childrens Box Set

We know that picking the best childrens box set can be tough, but do not worry as we are here with you. Here at Dave’s Deals we have made it a point to have the best childrens box sets. We have boxsets for kids of all ages and for both boys and girls! No matter what age the child you are looking to buy a boxset is, we have you covered!

For younger children we have some great book boxsets. The Alphaprints Box Set teaches kids in a fun way about things like number, colours, words and animals. This is a four book set so it also offers amazing value for money. Younger children will just love flipping through these books over and over again. We also have a set called, 10 Books Three Favourite Characters which features books on Thomas The Tank Engine, Fireman Sam and Bob The Builder.

For older boys we have some truly incredible childrens box sets. One of the most popular ones is our Star Wars: Ultimate Library Box Set which features 21 different books set in the Star Wars universe! There are books from the prequels as well as the original trilogy. For girls we have the complete collection of Alice Miranda books which come in this awesome slipcase which makes it the perfect gift for girls who love to read.

For the older boys and girls who actually like to read and love to be taken to a new world. We highly recommend the epic, Harry Potter Box Set. This is the ultimate Harry Potter collection which features all seven Harry Potter books, each one having fantastic new cover art. The whole collection is kept together thanks to the high quality and spell binding slipcase that it comes with.

Here at Dave’s Deals, we have the very best of the best when it comes to childrens box sets. We carry box sets for children of all ages so you are going to be able to find a perfect gift right here. There is no better gift than a book……. Except for a box set featuring multiple amazing books!