Beatrix Potter Collection

Beatrix Potter stories have been around for over 100 years now and they are just as good today as they were the day they were first written. The Beatrix Potter stories really are timeless classics that never seem to age. Children all over the world love hearing stories about, Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle Duck, Jeremy Fisher and many, many more. Here you can find the ultimate collection of Beatrix Potter products that bring her marvellous characters and the worlds they live in to life. Children can experience the world of Beatrix Potter by listening to her stories, through play and even be inspired by Peter Rabbit and his friends while they eat with this Peter Rabbit bowl and spoon set.

Beatrix Potter Collection

The crown jewel of the collection has to be the Beatrix Potter Audio Book Set. This collection has 10 of her most popular stories and nursery rhymes spread across 23 cd’s making up for 7 hours of entertainment. In the car, in the living room or even in their bedroom. They can lay back and imagine these characters coming to life. The stories are told by some very talented voice actors who really do bring them to life. The collection is packaged in this gorgeous tin which features Beatrix Potter artwork of some of her most beloved creations. The tin is very robust so the kids can drag it around with them wherever they go.

There is also the Beatrix Potter Over-Sized Shaped Board Book Collection which brings this classic characters and stories to life in a slightly different way. These are larger books that are made with hard cardboard so even younger children can pick these up, look at the pictures, throw them round and not damage them. This collection has four beloved stories featuring, Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle Duck, Tom Kitten and Jeremy Fisher. The artwork in these books is just incredible and is sure to result in your child falling in love with the world of Beatrix Potter. These books can be purchased separately as well.  So if you have one or two of them this would be a great way to finish of the collection.

As well as the board books there is also some Beatrix Potter books in a more traditional style that would be ideal for older children who do not need the extra robustness that board books provide. You can get the Tale Of Peter Rabbit And The Tale Of Jemima Puddle Duck together in one very low priced set. This would actually be a great way to introduce a child to the world of Beatrix Potter for a low price.  If the books are not enough then there is a beautiful Peter Rabbit plush teddy that can be also purchased. Just imagine you reading the story to your child while they are cuddling with Peter.

If you want something a little more high end and collectable then there is a couple of great collections. One features ten of the best Beatrix Potter stories all together is a collection that is set in this very smart looking box. The other features the complete set of original 23 Beatrix Potter stories and this comes in a very collectable and large box. This is the kind of thing that you would hold onto for years so you can give it to your children when they have kids of their own.

Beatrix Potter Collection

 As well as having many different forms of Beatrix Potter books. There is also some other fantastic items in this Beatrix Potter collection. First of is the items that can help organise your child’s room. Is there anything cuter than a Beatrix Potter bedroom? Give your children a fun place to keep their toys tide with the large Peter Rabbit toy box.  A Peter Rabbit wardrobe organiser is a fun and practical way to keep their clothes, toys or anything else from clogging up their bedroom floor. For the back of the door there is a Peter Rabbit door organiser which would look just adorable with teddies hanging out of it. These are all very affordable and would make any child’s bedroom extra special.

There is also a great line of Beatrix Potter meal time sets. From a full on dinner set that has plates, bowls and cutlery to a more simple, bowl and spoon set. There is Beatrix Potter meal time sets for kids of all ages and if you want to add a little bit of fun to meal times or just have a way to make them stop throwing their plate on the floor this is a good way to do that.  

This is one of the best collections of Beatrix Potter products you will ever see so click on one to get more information and find out why your child will love it!