Ben & Holly's Magical Kingdom

Ben & Holley's Magical Kingdom

Somewhere, hidden amongst the thorny brambles is a little kingdom of elves and fairies...and everyone who lives here is very, very small - tiny enough to fit in young children's toys and books. At Dave's Deals, we've captured the fanciful spirit of Ben & Holly's Magical Kingdom and sprinkled it among our various merchandise.

Ben & Holley's Magical KingdomBen & Holly's Magical Kingdom, to the older ones who may not be familiar with the program, revolves around the lives of a fairy princess named Holly and her best friend Ben, an elf. While elves like Ben take pride and find joy in good old hard work, fairies like Holly love to use their unique magical powers to do all the work for them. With charming animation, catchy songs and interesting plots, it truly is one of the most outstanding animated kids' shows around. As far as preschool programming goes, Ben and Holly's appeal to all ages, not just among children but for babysitters, guardians, teachers and parents too. Now, you can continue the merrymaking even after the end of every episode with our themed games and collectibles.

Test your child's ability to retain and recall pictures with the Ben & Holly's Magical Kingdom Memory Cards Game. There's nothing like a quick mental exercise to keep those brains growing and in good shape. We also have the Ben & Holly’s Opposite Cards Game, which requires greater thinking and problem-solving. The more your child plays, the better he or she becomes in grasping these essential concepts. Now to train your kids' speed and bring out their competitive side, go for our Ben & Holly’s Snap Cards Game. It's all about having a quick hand to grab all the cards before everyone else to gain victory. For a lesson in chance and fairness, we offer the Ben & Holly’s Pair Cards Game. You can count on your lucky stars if you managed to land the most number of identical pairs. Ideal for at least two players, these are all recommended for little elves and princesses aged 3 and up.

Ben & Holley's Magical Kingdom

Help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination, concentration and small motor skills with the Ben and Holly's Fairies Pin Puzzle and Ben & Holly's Colour Sorting
 Game. This teaches preschoolers to understand shapes, colours and images in order to fit them in the designated slots in the board. For a tougher challenge, choose the Ben & Holly's Stacking Blocks, a multicolored Jenga game that encourages dexterity and reasoning, on top of hand-eye coordination. All of these games have a classic wooden construction that'll last for years.

Encourage reading through the fascinating Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Box of Books. This set holds the secret to “King Thistle's New Clothes”, “The Lost Egg” and many more! For preschoolers that are yet to begin reading on their own, these are the perfect stories to read to them before bedtime, after school and on the weekends.


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