Children Books For Boys

We know how hard it can be to get boys excited about reading, but do not worry as we have some of the best children books for boys! Here at Dave’s Deals, we know the challenge of getting a kid to put down the Xbox controller and pick up a book. But with our great selection, you will find that perfect book to make a boy see that reading can be cool!

Star Wars is a fantastic way to get a child excited to read and we have some awesome Star Wars books. What is great about these and what is one of the things that makes these great children books for boys is that these are not only cool, they also help develop their reading. Our Star Wars books are part of the DK Reader series. Each book has a level. For example, Luke Skywalker’s Amazing Story is a level 1 book so aimed at younger and novice readers. I Want To Be A Jedi is a level 3 book so a little more challenging.

Another series that is very popular with boys is Lego Ninjago. We have found that this is something most boys think is pretty awesome and we have books like Lego Ninjago: The Phantom Ninja, Lego Ninjago: Warriors Of Stone and Lego Ninjago: Kingdom Of The Snakes to name a few. What makes these so popular when it comes to children books for boys is not just that kids love Ninjago, but also that these are under five bucks each!

If superheroes are more your kids kind of thing then we have you covered. If they like DC superheroes then we have books such as DC Comic The New 52 which is aimed at older boys. But we also have great DC Super Hero books for younger boys like the epic, DC Super Friends Busy Book. Which offers a fun story to read in a board book and also a set of mini figures featuring characters like Batman, The Flash, Superman and a whole bunch of villains for them to fight!

We also have many different Marvel children books for boys. These range from DK readers like Spider-Man The Amazing Story and Avengers Assemble. To more of those awesome Busy Books that combine figures and a board book. We have Spider-Man, Avengers, and Guardians Of The Galaxy in Marvel Busy Books so no matter who your child’s favorite superheroes are, we have you covered.

This is just a very small sample of the large selection of books that we have which are perfect for boys. We want to make sure that all kids can be excited by reading and that is why we work so hard to have a great range of books for boys of all ages. So no matter how old your child is or what they are into. As we have the largest choice of children books for boys, you will find that perfect book for them here at Dave’s Deals.