Children’s Books

Here you will find the ultimate collection of children’s books. Even though kids these days have iPads, games consoles and even watches that can play movies! A good book is still an amazing gift for you to give to a child. We have the best selection of children’s books in the whole of Australia and we have made sure that we have books for children of all ages. We have single books, multi packs and even box sets. No matter how old your child is, we will have the perfect book for them. Have a look at some of the highlights from our book collection.

Children's Books

If you have really young children then you really cannot go wrong with the Mr Men and the Little Miss. These Mr Men an Little Miss stories have been popular all over the world and even today they are popular with TV shows, toys and of course the classic books. We have a complete box set for both the Mr Men and the Little Miss. The My Mr Men Complete Library contains 47 Mr Men classic stories in one big box set. Mr Bump, Mr Strong, Mr Happy and many more are all in here! For the little girls we have the excellent, My Little Miss Complete Library which also features 47 books. Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Shy and the rest of the Littles Misses are all here. What makes these collections so great is that there is bound to be one of the Mr Men or Little Miss that remind you of your own child.

The My Magical Princess Library brings the classic Disney Princess stories to life and wraps them all up in a wonderful box set. This collection features ten stories based on the most popular Disney Princesses. Each story is told in a charming way and has beautiful artwork that brings them to life. Tangled, Brave, Beauty And The Beats, and The Little Mermaid are just four of the books that make up this incredible set of ten books.

We all grew up hearing about the adventures of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the rest of the inhabitants of Oz. But now your kids can experience these classic tales in a brand new way. The Wizard of Oz Collection is a box set that contains 15 fantastic adventures set in the land of Oz. As well as being taken on epic adventures in Oz, children will also get to know each of the characters better as there is individual books for many of the characters such as Tin Man, Scarecrow and Tik-Tok. This really is an amazing collection and the kind of thing that once they have read, you could put away so they can share it with their own children many years down the road.

For kids who love their superheroes we have the amazing, DC Comics Super Hero Collection. The DC superheroes are here in this fantastic box set that comes in a sleeve so cool, you will think Mr Freeze has shot it with his freeze gun! This set is all about the origins of your kids favourite heroes. Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Superman, four of the founding members of the Justice League are in this collection where you can read their origin stories! This is a great way to get boys who do not think reading is “cool” a bit more excited about reading.

Children's Books

Our 10 Books Three Favourite Characters - Thomas and Friends - Bob The Builder - Fireman Sam - Box Set. Is the ultimate collection for little boys and girls who love story time before bed. These lovely books come in a large slipcase that has graphics of Fireman Sam, Bob The Builder and Thomas The Tank Engine on it. The collection gives you three Thomas books, three Bob The Builder books and four Fireman Sam books. These are a great way to get younger children excited about reading. 

This is just a very small sample of the fantastic children’s books that we have here. Have a look and no matter what your child is into be it Paw Patrol, Marvel Superheroes, Frozen, Star Wars or classics from Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton, we have you covered. Story time with the children is a magical time that you will fondly look back on as they grow. Also watching your child sitting on the sofa mesmerised by the story they are reading is sure to put a smile on your face. You can never go wrong with the gift of a book!