Construct It


Construct It! is a fun, exciting and educational series of sets that are very similar to what Meccano offers. Each set offers something exciting for your child to build. Sets include things like a robot, a fighter, a tanker, a tractor and many more.

Construct It! have sets at all different price ranges and for children of different skill levels. Construct It! teaches your child basic engineering and requires them to read and follow instructions as well as use their problem solving skills.

Each set comes with the required tools so that your child can build it. You will be amazed at how these Construct It! will teach your child (without them even realising!) how to build things, use tools and think outside of the box. While each set has a goal for your child to build, part of the fun is them using their imagination to make their own creations.


Construct It!  Robot

This set contains 317 pieces and your child will be able to build their own robot! Transformers are cool, but this is like a real robot that they have created with their own two hands! At 317 pieces it is not too challenging, but it comes with enough pieces so that they can make lots of other things too.






Construct-It! Car Carrier

At over 500 pieces the Car Carrier is one of the larger sets from the Construct-It range. With this set, they get to build not just a really cool car carrier, but also a couple of cars to go onto it. As this comes with a bunch of different wheels, once they have built the car carrier and cars. Your child can then have fun making their own kind of vehicles and figuring out what works and what does not work. If you want a set with lots of pieces, this is one that you have to take a look at.



Construct-It! – Tractor

At a little over 100 pieces and under 10 bucks. The Construct-It! – Tractor is the perfect gift if you want to test the waters with a toy like this. This is one of the more basic (but still a lot of fun) sets in the line. Building a tractor is really cool and is a great way to ease into a creation based toy like this. Of course, they still have plenty of pieces so that they can come up with their own creations.



Construct-It! Apache


What is really awesome about the Construct-It! Apache is that first of all, it looks great! However, this is one that is not only fun it is also very educational. The blades actually spin so your child will learn how the pieces go together in order to make this happen. It may not sound like a lot, but you will be surprised at what they pick up when they are putting this together. It has a little under 400 pieces so it has plenty for them to use for their own awesome vehicles, buildings and whatever else they can think of.



This is just the tip of the iceberg for the amazing Construct-It! sets that we have. If your child loves building things, they will have a great time with this. Not many toys manage to be both educational and fun, but Construct-It! certainly is. Be sure to have a good look at our full range and you will find the perfect set for your child.