David Walliams 2 The World Of David Walliams Mega Box Set

One of the best children’s authors to emerge over the last ten years is David Walliams. He has a real knack for creating characters that kids can relate to and then putting them in hilarious different situations. Here we have the incredible, The World of David Walliams Mega Box Set. Which is the perfect gift for any child that loves to read or for a child you are encouraging to read more.

The World of David Walliams Mega Box Set contains the following six books.

Demon Dentist

In Demon Dentist, children are being freaked out by something creepy lurking their room! Instead of the tooth fairy what is this thing that has taken her place. Why is it there? Who sent it? And what does it want? This is a fun mystery with many twists and turns!


Zoe is having a really tough time in trying to keep her beloved pet rat away from Burt! Who is Burt? Well he is the owner of Burt’s Burgers and Zoe’s pet rat is going to end up on his menu if she is not careful.

Gangsta Granny

Ben has always thought that his grandma was a typical grandma who was boring, played scrabble and liked to give him kisses on the cheek! But Ben never knew that years ago his grandma was the ultimate jewel thief and now she needs Ben’s help with her ultimate heist!

Billionaire Boy

Joe has it all. He has everything that a boy could want as he is a billionaire. But for all the money that he has there is just one thing that he wants and that is something he cannot buy, a friend. This is a charming story that will see Joe learn how to be a good friend.

Mr Stink

With a name like Mr Stink, you know that this is a man who is not easy on the nose. But in this funny story, you will learn that there is more to this smelly person that you would think….Or should that be stink!

The Boy In The Dress

In this story, Dennis is a boy who is just a little bit different from the other kids. How is he different? Well the title of the book does give you a few ideas. But it does not take long to realise that Dennis is very special indeed.

These are six of the best sellers from David Walliams and they would be a great start to a child’s book collection. The books are contained in a very smart looking slipcase that keeps them all tidy and also makes this a much more special kind of gift. This is one of the best collection of children’s books out there and in all honesty there really is not a bad book in this whole set. Each one contains a funny, well written story that once they start reading, they will not want to stop until the very end!