David Walliams 3 The World of David Walliams Best Boxset Ever

David Walliams has sold well over 8 million books which is pretty incredible when you consider he has only been writing children’s books for around ten years! Kids just love his writing style as he is able to create all kinds of kooky, crazy and relatable characters. The World Of David Walliams Best Boxset Ever is a great way to introduce your child to the work of David Walliams who many people consider to be a modern day Roald Dahl.

The World Of David Walliams Best Boxset Ever contains five of the best David Walliams books.

The Boy In The Dress: Is about a boy called Dennis. Dennis was always a little bit different, but what exactly does a dress have to do with anything?

Mr Stink: No one smells as bad as Mr Stink, you see Mr Stink did not just stank he also stunk….. that does not make sense, but there is a lot about Mr Stink that does not make sense.

Gangsta Granny: Ben always thought that he had a normal grandma. Until one day he learned that she was one the world’s greatest jewel thief… now she wants him to help her with her biggest ever heist!

Billionaire Boy: Joe is rich and Joe has all the reasons in the world to be happy. But there is one thing Joe wants more than toys, video games and sweets and that is a friend.

Ratburger: Burt’s Burgers has his eye on Zoe’s beloved pet rat! Does Zoe have what it takes to keep her little friend safe from the mean Burt who runs Burt’s Burgers.

The World Of David Walliams Best Boxset makes a truly wonderful gift as you are getting five fantastic books. As well as this though they are contained in this awesome looking sleeve which keeps the books altogether and makes it a great gift. If you want to encourage a child to read then each of these books is a great way to do it.