David Walliams 4 The World Of David Walliams CD Story Collection - By David Walliams

David Walliams is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular children’s authors. Many see him as the modern day Roald Dahl and after spending five minutes with one of his books it is easy to see why. He has a charming writing style and creates characters that kids can relate too and also just fall in love with.

The World Of David Walliams CD Story Collection is a great way to turn a boring car journey into a world of excitement! This set contains five of David Walliams best stories spread across 15 cd’s. The stories are fantastic, but it is actually David Walliams who brings them to life, with a little help from his friend Matt Lucas. You are hearing the way David Walliams hears the characters talk in his head when he writes them!

The World Of David Walliams CD Story Collection contains five different stories.

The Boy In The Dress: It has always been said that Dennis is a little bit unusual. Why is he unusual? Well a clue to that is in the title of the story!

Mr Stink: Mr Stink really does stink, so bad that you would actually say that he stunk and stank! But there is far more to Mr Stink than you realise!

Gangsta Granny: Ben’s granny is like everyone else’s….. except she used to be a master jewel thief….. WHAT???? That is right and not only that she wants Ben to join her on her most outrageous heist ever!

Billionaire Boy: To everyone else, Joe has it all. He has all the money in the world, but little do people know that more than anything. All Joe wants is a friend.

Ratburger: Zoe has a pet rat that she loves more than anything else. But that mean Burt who runs Burt’s Burgers has his eye on her beloved pet! Can Zoe stop her pet rat being turned into a Ratburger???

This is a truly wonderful collection that works as a great way to introduce a child to the world of David Walliams. Also for kids who have read these books over and over again. The World Of David Walliams Story Collection is great as it lets them experience these stories in a fun new way.