Daycare Books

Here at Dave's Deals, we know that picking the right daycare books can be quite the daunting task. What books do you buy? What characters are popular? What books are robust enough to handle toddlers? These and many more questions probably go through your mind. But do not worry as here we have the best books, books that kids will love and books that will keep them entertained!

Let’s start with a book for very young children. You want a book that smaller children are going to be looking at to be very robust and one of the best books we have that fits that description is. My First Spot Lift the Flap Library. These are great daycare books and as you get ten different books in this set it is going to be ideal if you have to look after multiple kids. Each book has flaps that can be lifted and it is made from board so it is nice and strong.

For slightly older kids you want something with a fun character. Disney is always a big hit and we have a large selection of Disney books for both boys and girls. The My Magical Princess Library is very popular as it features ten of their favourite Disney stories. If you have some rowdy boys and you want daycare books that they will like then we have you covered as we have a tremendous look and find Monsters Inc book.

Now if you have older children then you want something a bit more hip and cool and you do not get much more hip and cool than our Diary of a Wimpy Kid Collection which features the first ten Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books. Thanks to the hit movies, these books are more popular than ever and they are the perfect daycare books for those of you who are looking after older children.