Daycare Outdoor Toys

At Dave's Deals, we make it a point to have some great daycare outdoor toys as well as ones that are for indoors. Here we will give you just a little taste of the fantastic toys for outdoor play that we have. Your daycare will be lots of fun with these toys. Plus if the weather is nice, you kids to be stuck indoors. Well with our outdoor toys they will have plenty of things to have fun with.

If you want the kids just to have a lot of fun then our Snakes & Ladders Giant Game is sure to do just that. This is something that is very popular and it is by far one of our most popular daycare outdoor games that we have. This is classic Snakes & Ladders, but the game board is huge, so huge that outside is the only place you can play this. One of the best things about this game is that it can be played with multiple kids so it is good for teaching them how to share and play with others. We also have some very large floor puzzles such as our The Very Hungry Caterpillar Counting Floor Puzzle. This is not only fun, but also teaches them about numbers and counting.

If you have older children at your daycare then they will love our Rocket Ball Range. We have Rocket Ball Workshop and Rocket Ball Launch Lab which will show the kids how to make a super powered bouncy ball. This is a lot of fun and teaches them basic science as well. Once the super bouncy rocket balls have been made. You can go outside to bounce them! You can even make a game of it where you see whose rocket ball can bounce the highest!

In all we have some great daycare outdoor toys that are going to provide hours and hours of fun.