Daycare Toys For Toddlers

Dave's Deals is number one when it comes to daycare toys for toddlers. We have made sure to only stock toys that are fun and feature characters that children love. That means you will be seeing Marvel Super Heroes, Disney Princesses, Thomas The Tank Engine, Peppa Pig and many, many more. Thanks to our great selection of toys. Your daycare is going to be the one that children want to stay at.

Little boys cannot get enough Marvel Super Heroes and the awesome, Marvel Avengers Floor Puzzle is a large puzzle that is ideal for little hands. One of the reasons that this is one of our more popular daycare toys for toddlers is that it is not only a lot of fun to make a big picture with Hulk, Iron Man and the rest of The Avengers. It is also educational is it encourages their problem solving skills and fine motor skills as well.

For the little girls we have this fantastic, Disney Princess Play a Sound Book, Best Friends Forever. Now you may be thinking that this is not really a toy, but as well as being a very fun book that you can read with them. This book also plays all kinds of fun sounds that go along with the story. So you can read and the child can press the button when the book tells them to. Daycare toys for toddlers can also be something that you can play with them and this certainly fits that category.

If you want to encourage creativity then have a look at our, Thomas & Friends 100 Piece Building Blocks Pack. This has 100 different sized wooden blocks that as well as being fun are also very robust so they can take the rough handling that toddlers will give them. The children will have a lot of fun making towers, houses and even just big piles that they can then knock down. Due to the way this encourages creative play, this blocks pack is one of the most popular daycare toys for toddlers.