With Disney, the degrees of separation go from six to zero. At one point, you must have bought or been gifted with an item that bears a Disney character. You’ve definitely contemplated on dressing up as any of the Disney princesses, villains or talking animals during Halloween. Surely, you’ve gone out to the movies to catch the latest Disney release, be it an animated movie musical or a live-action flick starring your favorite actors.

There’s no denying it. Disney is practically embedded into the human psyche, especially early on in life. Whether they think much about it or not, parents start their kids young. From feeding sets to plushies and bedtime books, everyone knows that Disney merchandise never fails to put a smile on little faces.

For a marvelous assortment of all things Disney, come to Dave’s Deals and take a look around what we have in store. An enchanting collection that is every Disney lover’s dream, this brings together everything from learning supplies, bedroom decor and family-friendly games.

DisneyFor the littlest of Disney fans, we have the Disney Classics 4-Piece Dinner Set. Your mini me will have so much fun taking a bite out of delicious meals with their first set of teeth. The four-piece feeding set includes a plate, bowl, spoon and sippy mug. Perfect for baby foodies, these dinnerware items are imprinted with beloved characters like Dumbo, Bambi and the puppies from 101 Dalmatians. Each piece is guaranteed 100% BPA-free and shatter-proof.

Girly girls will absolutely love the Disney Princess Storybook Collection. Making a gorgeous addition to their bookshelf, this set explores the adventures of Belle and the Perfect Pearl, Cinderella and the Lost Mice, Ariel and the Aquamarine Jewel, Rapunzel and the Crown Jewels, and Merida's Wild Ride.

Now, don’t think we’ve forgotten about the Snow Queen Elsa and her sister, Princess Anna. We’ve got a number of bestselling Frozen merchandise featuring the royal family of Arendelle and their unlikely friends Kristoff, an ice-harvesting outdoorsman and Olaf, a friendly talking and walking snowman.

Watch Arendelle come alive inside the four walls of your child’s bedroom with our Disney Frozen Poster Collection. Frozen addicts will love alternating between the set of posters to transform the look of their rooms with every start of the new season. With each box containing 40 removable posters, it’s the grandest Frozen collection yet!

Aside from decor, we’ve got puzzles, board games, and educational stuff like the Disney Frozen Addition and Subtraction Learning Workbook, Disney Frozen Grammar Learning Workbook, Disney Frozen How to Read and Understand Learning Workbook and Disney Frozen Learning Treasury Adventures In Reading.

DisneySo how about we get the competition going? Get ready to geek out with your younglings and the rest of the fam with Pictopia: The Ultimate Picture-Trivia Game Disney Edition.The young and the young at heart will have a blast sizing up one another in a game of knowledge and teamwork. Discover playful trivia spanning decades of Disney magic, from animated classics and blockbuster movies to television hits and dazzling theme park destinations.

To all devoted Disney aficionados, contact Dave’s Deals today to know the rest of our inventory. We restock regularly and add new items in our collection so call us for the latest updates!