Disney Book Collection

If you want to start your child off on the right foot with a Disney book collection, you have certainly come to the right place. Dave’s Deals has so many different Disney books, that the office is starting to look like Cinderella’s castle! We have Disney books for children of all ages and here is a small sample of the epic Disney action that we have!

If you have younger children then you really cannot go wrong with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We have this fantastic, Disney, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Where Is Toodles? What is awesome about this is that it is an interactive storybook. While your child reads they can press the buttons to make sounds, it really is a great way to start a Disney book collection.

Pixar is responsible for some of the best Disney movies and we have some tremendous Disney Pixar books that are very popular with kids of all ages. One of the most fun movies is Monsters University and we have a Look and Find book that requires your child to find the fun Monsters characters such as Mike, Sully, and Randall. If your child wants something a little more interactive then they will have a lot of fun with the Monsters University Play A Sound Book. This tells the story of Monsters University, but for added fun, it has buttons that can make 10 different sound effects such as Sully’s roar and a canister screaming.

No Disney book collection is complete without books about Disney Princesses. We have all kinds of books based on different princesses such as Belle, Cinderella, Brave, Moana and much more. These are great for little girls who love all things, Disney Princess. We have storybooks, fin object books and even books that make sounds. Plus if you want a collection of books, we even have many different box sets such as our Frozen Book Collection.

One of the best kind of Disney books that we have is our range of Busy Books. Kids love Busy Books and it is easy to see why. Each book contains a large board book that features a story. There is also a good sized play mat and then there is a range of mini action figures. The amount of figures you get depends on the book, but it can be anywhere from 8 – 15 depending on the book. Disney Princesses, Cars, Moana, The Lion Guard, Beauty And The Beast and Sofia The First are just some of the Disney Busy Books that we have. One cool feature of these is that when the kids are done reading and playing with the figures they all fit back into the book for easy storage and so they do not get lost.

Dave’s Deals has more Disney Books than Stich can shake his ray gun at! You know this is true because our nose would be growing like Pinocchio’s if it was not! So if you have a child who is nuts about Disney, check out our epic Disney book collection!