Disney Frozen 4 In 1 Boxed Puzzle

Even if the weather outside is Frozen. Your child can have a lot of fun with the Disney Frozen 4 In 1 Boxed Puzzle. This set is ideal for children who love the hit movie Frozen and enjoy creative play. This set of Frozen puzzles will not just be fun. It is also going to get their brains working and help with their problem solving development.

Each of the four puzzles is made up with 30 pieces so even younger children will be able to work their way around this and have fun putting the pieces together. This is just an overall fantastic product as all of the puzzles can be put back in the box once they have finished playing. The Disney Frozen 4 In 1 Boxed Puzzle even comes with a cardboard tray to make putting the puzzles together that little bit easier.

The puzzles have some incredible artwork that manage to capture the personality of your child’s favourite Frozen characters.

Puzzle 1: This puzzle sees that crazy and adorable Olaf try to catch his head after it has been knocked off while he was ice skating. Your child is sure to have a big smile on their face once they have finished this puzzle.

Puzzle 2: See the whole Frozen cast in this fantastic puzzle. Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and even Sven are all here in this amazing picture. The fact there are so many different characters makes this one of the more challenging puzzles in this collection.

Puzzle 3: Here we have Elsa taking centre stage as she uses her magical ice powers to make an exciting, dark puzzle for your child to put together. This puzzle really does fit the personality of Elsa perfectly and your child is sure to be singing, Let It Go the whole time they are putting it together.

Puzzle 4: The last puzzle is one of the boys and also the girls of course. Here we have the guys from Frozen, Kristoff, Sven and even Olaf getting ready to have a sing a long while, Kristoff plays the guitar.

The Disney Frozen 4 In 1 Boxed Puzzle is a great set of puzzles and would make a fun gift for any Frozen fanatic.

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