Disney Frozen Medium Toy Box

The Disney Frozen Medium Toy Box is the ideal way to help you keep your child’s bedroom nice and tidy. This toy box is going to really look great sitting in the corner and it has such a great and exciting look to it that you will find your kids will no longer complain when it is time to tidy up! Instead they will be singing, Let It Go as they make sure their toys are put away properly.

This is a great looking toy box that is light purple and light blue on the actual box. These are the colours that most Frozen merchandise is. So if you already have Frozen items in your child’s bedroom then this is going to fit right in. The walls of the Disney Frozen Medium Toy Box are made with a strong set of plastic panels which are then covered in some smooth and classy looking fabric.

On the top of the toy box there is some very high quality Frozen graphics. The artwork features Anna and her favourite snowman, Olaf. It looks like it was taken right out of the movie so it really does have a very striking look to it that kids are really going to like. The lid can be put on and taken off very easily so there will be no excuse as to why your child cannot tidy their toys away.

One the sides of the Disney Frozen Medium Toy Box there are handles. There is actually handles on all four sides. So moving the toy box around the bedroom is going to be no trouble at all.

The Disney Frozen Medium Toy Box really is a fantastic toy box. It has a large, 33 litre capacity so you can fit in a whole load of toys in here!