Disney Frozen Memory Game

The Disney Frozen Memory Game is a fun and exciting game for your child that also will help them in their mental development. Memory games are always great for children, but this one here has the added benefit of having Anna, Elsa and Olaf along for the ride which will make things even more fun!

The Disney Frozen Memory Game features 36 cards. These cards have all your favourite Frozen characters such as Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven and many more. You are going to be very impressed with how great the artwork is on these cards. The cards will be placed face down and from there you take turns, turning two cards over at a time to try and find a pair. This is a lot of fun, but it also helps your child learn to pay attention, focus and in general help their mental development. The way that this game mixes learning with fun is just fantastic!

Each of the 36 cards is made with high quality cardboard. The Disney Frozen Memory Game can be quite intense and things can get a little bit wild. So even when your child jumps in and grabs a card with the speed and strength of the giant snow monster Elsa made, the cards can take it! You do not have to worry about the Disney Frozen Memory Game making a mess either. The box that the game comes in is very sturdy and gives you a place to keep the game stored until the next time you want to play it.

At such a low price the Disney Frozen Memory Game is a game that children are going to get many, many hours of enjoyment from. For fans of Frozen this is certainly going to be one of the best games they play!