Disney Frozen Press-O-Matic Board Game

The Disney Frozen Press-O-Matic Board Game is a game that offers fun, excitement, a whole lot of laughs and the chance of a snow storm as well! The game is for 2-4 players and will provide hours of fun. Frozen is one of the biggest hits from Disney in a very long time and your children as well as you are going to really enjoy playing this fantastic game as it is fun for the whole family.

Disney Frozen Press-O-Matic Board Game is a simple and easy to understand game, but it is also a lot of fun. It is like the classic board game, Frustration, but it has a Frozen twist. The idea is that you need to get all of your tokens back to your base before the other players do. You can jump on another players piece to send them all the way back! The game does actually have a bit of strategy to it, so your kids will have to think before they move.

In Disney Frozen Press-O-Matic Board Game you and the rest of the players need to take the role one of four characters. You can play as Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and that adorable snowman, Olaf. Playing as characters really makes the game that much more fun and no doubt your kids will really get into it and be belting out their favourite songs and lines from the movie as they play. The game board has some very nice Frozen artwork that really pops out at you.

The Press-O-Matic technology makes this game much more fun to play than throwing just a regular dice. When it is time for your character to move, you get to push in the Press-O-Matic which then will make the dice pop up! Just be sure to let the person who is playing as Elsa know that using her magic ice powers to freeze the Press-O-Matic when it is someone else’s turn is not allowed!

The Disney Frozen Press-O-Matic Board Game is a whole lot of fun and it is also being sold at a price that is just incredible!


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