Disney Frozen Storybook Library

The Disney Frozen Storybook Library is the perfect gift for fans of the smash hit movie, Frozen. Frozen is one of Disney’s biggest hits of the past 20 years and now thanks to this incredibly cool storybook library, kids can read even more adventures of Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven!

The Disney Frozen Storybook Library comes in a really smart looking packaging that will first of all keep all of the books together. This packaging has some excellent artwork on it and it has a very special kind of design that makes this collection something children will cherish and be proud to have on their book shelf. The packaging will also ensure the books stay safe and do not get lost.

This storybook library contains five fantastic books. Each book features your favourite Frozen characters in new and exciting adventures and has some amazing artwork that showcases these characters in a whole new way.

The books in the Disney Frozen Storybook Library are A Frozen Adventure: See what happens to Anna and Elsa after the events of the movie, Frozen!

A New Reindeer Friend: In this funny story just who is the new reindeer friend? Is it Sven? Or perhaps a brand new reindeer?

Babysitting The Troll Tots: In the movie Frozen, you could tell that those adorable Troll Tots were a handful. Now they take centre stage in this fantastic and charming story.

Olaf’s Perfect Summer Day: It may be a little odd that a snowman would love summer so much. But that is Olaf for you! Here you can find out just what would be his perfect summer day.

Across The Sea: Anna and Elsa get on board the boat and go on a wild adventure to one of the neighbouring kingdoms.

As you can the Disney Frozen Storybook Library is perfect for fans of Frozen and at under five bucks per book it is excellent value for money.