Disney Frozen Super 3D Lenticular Puzzle

The Disney Frozen Super 3D Lenticular Puzzle is an amazing and no pun intended, cool gift for a fan of the monster smash hit movie, Frozen. Frozen is one of the biggest animated movies of all time, children and adults too cannot get enough and for those Frozen fans looking for something fun, we have the incredible Disney Frozen Super 3D Lenticular Puzzle. This captures the magic of the movie and provides the kids with hours of Frozen fun.

This is a good sized puzzle that is an impressive, 45.7 cm x 30.4 cm in size. The puzzle is made with very robust cardboard so it is going to be able to last many years. The puzzle comes in a very handy box that first of all showcases the image you are trying to put together. But it also makes it very easy to put the pieces away so it can be put in a cupboard or on a shelf and ready to be enjoyed on another day.

The Disney Frozen Super 3D Lenticular Puzzle has 48 good sized pieces, but this is still a rather challenging puzzle that is not going to be too easy for the kids to put together. So while they are going to be having a whole lot of fun with this. Your child is also going to be pushing themselves as the puzzle does help their problem solving skills.

One of the coolest things about this puzzle is the image itself. It has Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, Anna and Else standing in front of a really cool backdrop. But as this is a lenticular puzzle there is this really smart 3D effect that the kids are going to love.

If you are looking for that fun, but low priced gift that is going to provide a lot of fun. Then the Disney Frozen Super 3D Lenticular Puzzle would be perfect for you.