Early Learning Toys

You will find some amazing early learning toys here at Dave's Deals. We have some of the most popular toys for young children in the whole of Australia and we make sure to have a great selection of toys for both little girls and boys. By utilising the toys that we have in your daycare, you are making sure that the kids you are looking after are entertained and having a great time. We also have a good selection of toys that mix learning with fun as well which have proven to be very popular.

One of the toys that we have which is very fun and one of our very best early learning toys is our Ben & Holly Stacking Blocks. This is very similar to the game Jenga, but all the blocks have pictures of Ben and Holly on them. The kids have to move the blocks without making the tower fall! It is a lot of fun and more often than not the kids will actually want the tower to fall!

If you want to mix reading with play time then our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My Friend Mickey is perfect for your childcare. This set features an electronic Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book. Which they can read with you and press the buttons to make the sounds. But what makes this one of the better early learning toys is how it comes with a plush Mickey Mouse that they can hug while reading the book.

Next up we have our very popular Thomas & Friends 100 Piece Building Blocks Pack. This is also available in Peppa Pig style. This comes with 100 different sized blocks that the children can make whatever they want with. There is so many blocks in this fantastic set that you can easily have three or four kids playing with it and they will have more than enough blocks each. It is easy to see why this is one of the most popular early learning toys we have.