We understand the importance of education, but we also understand that getting a child to be excited about something that is “educational” can be tough. That is why we have made sure to only stock products that while educational are also a lot of fun. You can count on us to offer you the best books for kids. Encouraging a child to read and learn to love books is one of the most important things that an adult can do for a child.

Dave’s Deals make it a point to stock a whole load of educational books that while helping your child learn are also a lot of fun. For example, we have a great range of Frozen books that have all the magic of the movies but also help teach your child about things like numbers, spelling, and words. We can help you show a child that learning can be fun! For those boys that are too cool to read, we have them covered as well as we have a great range of DK Reader books based on things like The Avengers, Spider-Man and Star Wars. These are books that kids will have a lot of fun with all the while developing stronger reading skills.

thomas & friendsWhen you think of buying a gift that is educational for a child, most of the time it will be a book that springs to mind. While we have a great selection of fun and educational books. Dave’s Deals also has a whole host of educational toys for children. Learning through playing is a great way to make things stick. You can start with the basics for really younger children like our range of Book & Block sets that give you the best of both worlds. Trolls, Thomas and Minnie Mouse are just a small example of these. Not only will your child read, they will also develop fine motor skills and use their imagination with the blocks.

Leapfrog Melody The Music Turtle is a great example of an educational toy. With this type of toy, your child can learn as they play and watching the big smile on their face as they do so is just as much fun for you as it is them actually playing with the toy. Educational toys come in all shapes and sizes and no matter how old your child is, Dave’s Deals have that perfect educational toy for your child. Even for older children, we have a range of construction toys that at first glance look like they are all about fun. Yet toys like these can help a child use their imagination and learn about science and engineering!

So before you go running and buying them another video game or yet another action figure or plush toy for them to play with. Come here and we will show you that you can get a child an educational toy that is not only going to help them learn but also is something they have a lot of fun with.

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