Famous Five Complete Boxset 21 Exciting Adventures By Enid Blyton

Famous Five By Enid Blyton

This Famous Five Complete Boxset 21 Exciting Adventures By Enid Blyton collection is the most complete Famous Five collection you can buy. These stories are just timeless and have been enjoyed by children for over 70 years now! Enid Blyton has a fantastic writing style that children from all over the world and from all walks of life will be able to enjoy these stories. A huge part of the charm of the Famous Five books is that these are stories that have most likely been read by you and your parents and in some cases maybe even their parents as well! Out of all her works, you could argue that The Famous Five is, pardon the pun, her most famous.

Famous Five By Enid Blyton

In this collection your children will be taken on adventures with Julian, Anne, Dick, George and of course George’s faithful and smart dog, Timmy. The gang will solve crimes, mysteries and other odd goings on, on the island of Kirrin. These stories are just so engaging that you kids will beg you to let them read just one more chapter. Stories about crooks, kidnappers, smugglers and a whole host of strange people are who the Famous Five will meet up with. These are character driven stories filled with suspense, laughter and page turning scenarios that children are just going to love. There are no mobile phones, iPads or video games in these stories. Just tales of the way things used to be and that is a huge part of their charm. No doubt more than a few of your parents or grandparents will get the urge to give some of these books another read as well!

So what exactly is included with this collection? Well before you get to the books, you have to take a moment to appreciate what a fantastic package this is. A very well made slipcase is what keeps the Famous Five Complete Boxset 21 Exciting Adventures By Enid Blyton collection all together. This is very well designed and features pictures of the gang on the sides as well as the cover art for the books on the back. It is a very smart looking collection and the kinds of thing that you will most certainly want to keep, even once the kids have read the books.

All 21 Famous Five books are included with this collection and each book has a fantastic piece of cover art that captures what each story is. Each book is numbered so they all have their own special place in the slipcase and this also means it is nice and easy for the children to know what order they should read the books in. While the stories are the clear draw of this set, the presentation of the collection as a whole cannot be ignored and it is certainly going to look incredible sitting on a shelf.

The 21 stories that are in this collection are. Five On Treasure Island, Five Go Adventuring Again, Five Run Away Together, Five Go To The Smugglers Top, Five Go Off In A Caravan, Five On Kirrin Island Again, Five Go Off To Camp, Five Get Into Trouble, Five Fall Into Adventure and Five On A Hike Together. This makes up the first half of the collection and by the time the kids get to this point they will know each of the character very well and be very excited to read the next part of the collection. The final ten books of this collection are, Five Have A Wonderful Time, Five Go Down To The Sea, Five Go To Mystery Moor, Five Have Plenty Of Fun, Five On A Secret Trial, Five Go To Billycock Hill, Five Get Into A Fix, Five On Finniston Farm, Five Go To Demons Rocks, Five Have A Mystery To Solve and lastly, Five Are Together Again.  As you can see there is months and months of reading material here and these books are so good that most kids will read them time and time again.

Famous Five By Enid Blyton

This is an incredible collection and the best way to experience the exciting world of The Famous Five. If you want to give your kids a real treat and get them to read something that is truly timeless then the Famous Five Complete Boxset 21 Exciting Adventures By Enid Blyton is just perfect.

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