Fantasy & World

If you are a lover of things like superheroes, wizards, warriors, dinosaurs and epic tales of a mystical journey, you have come to the right place. Dave’s Deals loves adventure, sorcery and all kinds of incredible sword battles. With that in mind, we are giving you an epic quest. A quest that will see you read the rest of this so you can find out just what worlds of adventure, what beasts you will have to save and what princes and princesses you will have to rescue in our Fantasy And World section!

Let’s start with a real classic and that is The Lord Of The Rings! No matter if you have already read the books or if you have just seen the epic movies. Our Lord Of The Rings collection is going to make you want to run to the Shire, grab Frodo and head to Mordor to put Sauron in his place once and for all. This set contains seven incredible books and comes in a really cool slipcase that makes it a fantastic gift for any Lord Of The Rings fan.

the lord of the rings book collection

If you are looking for that ideal fantasy gift for an adventurer that is a little bit older then we have a treat for you. A Game of Thrones: The Story Continues is the most epic Game Of Thrones box set that has ever been released. It contains A Game Of Thrones a Clash Of Kings, A Storm Of Swords, Steel And Snow, A Storm Of Swords, Blood And Golda Feast For Crows a Dance With Dragons, Dreams And Dust a Dance With Dragons and After The Feast. Each book has amazing artwork on the cover and the case it comes in is truly epic.

While sword and sorcery is really cool, we also have a great range of superhero gift ideas. So if you have a special someone in your life who is amazed by Marvel and wishes they could be as smart as Iron Man, as brave as Captain America and as cool as Star-Lord. We have some fantastic Marvel Super Heroes gift ideas ranging from a ton of awesome books to some really cool toys and games. We are not just all about Marvel though as we have plenty of DC action as well. So if they are brooding like The Dark Knight, out for justice like Superman or as nuts as Harley and Joker, you will find that perfect DC comics gift idea here at Dave’s Deals.

Our Fantasy And World section is one of our favourites and it is something that has gift ideas for people of all ages. Ranging from books about dinosaurs for little kids who want to go on an adventure to stories that are full of warriors, monsters, blood, and guts for people who may have grown up, but still, have the spirit of an adventurer inside them. So have a good look and you will certainly find something that is going to really blow you away!