Goosebumps Book Set

Since you have clicked on our awesome Goosebumps book set, we trust that you and your children are not afraid of a scare!!! In all seriousness, this is one of the very best box sets of books that you can get for older kids who want something that is a little bit more cool, edgy and not for their little brother or sister.

The Goosebumps Movie Box Set features 10 of R.L Stine’s most terrifying kid's tails. Goosebumps is all the rage right now as the movie did huge business at the box office and many of the monsters that are in the movie, first appeared in these books. So that is something your kids are going to think is really cool. This Goosebumps book set will let your kids see the origins of some of these monsters such as the iconic, Slappy The Dummy. Let’s face it if there was a character who was the poster child of the Goosebumps universe it would be the crazy and creepy Slappy.

In this box set, you actually get two of the most terrifying Slappy stories in Night Of The Living Dummy 2 and Night Of The Living Dummy 3. These are tales that will scare your kids, but they are so cool, they will want to keep on reading and that is what the Goosebumps stories are all about. They are horror, but for kids. While they may give them a scare and make them wonder what that noise in the hallway is. At the end of the day, these are good family fun and chances are you will be asking your kids if you can borrow them to have a read.

So we know that Slappy is in these books, but what other legendary Goosebumps tales are part of this set? Well, there are some great stories here such as The Blob That Ate Everyone which sees this gross icky blob terrorizing a whole town and only the kids are willing to stand up against it. Another story that kids will recognize from the movie is The Abominable Snowman Of Pasadena where a snowman is wreaking havoc in a small Californian town.

With ten books, this Goosebumps book set could not be filled with any more scares. If your child loves the undead then they will really enjoy reading the likes of The Ghouls Next Door and Please Don’t Feed The Vampire. Two of the most famous books from the series. One of the best things about this set is that there is no filler. All ten of these books have been chosen for this set because they best represent what Goosebumps is all about. They are scary, but a ton of fun to read!

Wrapping the whole set up is a really cool slipcase that keeps all 10 books together in their own little library. If you are looking for that perfect gift to give your child a scare and make them really fall in love with reading then this awesome Goosebumps book set is the way to go.

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