Julia Donaldson Books 2 The Gruffalo

Despite not hitting it big until fairly late into her career, Julia Donaldson’s, The Gruffalo is regarded by many as one of the greatest children’s books of all time. The book has been translated into many languages, re released, many, many time and has even made the jump to TV in a special that featured James Corden voicing The Mouse.

The Gruffalo really is a charming story and a story that little boys and girls all over the world can relate to. It is about a small mouse who is just out for a casual walk when he is stopped in his tracks, by numerous woodland creatures…… all of whom want to have The Mouse for a tasty snack!

This is no ordinary mouse, he is able to think on his feet and he warns the owl, snake and a fox that try to eat him that they should not. He knows he cannot out muscle them. So he warns them that a big and much more powerful creature is awaiting him and if they eat him, he will be very angry and come for them!

Of course the little mouse is making all this up, but the owl, snake and the fox are terrified and let him go….. little does the mouse know that The Gruffalo he was telling the other animals about is real, very real! The Gruffalo is hungry and mouse is on the menu. The mouse remembers how he tricked the other animals and does the same trick on The
Gruffalo and tells him to follow him and he will show him he is the most dangerous creature in the woods. The Gruffalo agrees and follows the mouse. The snake, owl and fox are scared to death of The Gruffalo and run away from the mouse…. Well really The Gruffalo, but that does not matter, the mouse outsmarted them all and he lives to play another day.

This is just such a fantastic book and no matter if your child is 3, 5 or even 7 they will love it. It is ver well written and not too challenging so they will be able to read it themselves. This is a book that cannot be recommended highly enough.