Julia Donaldson Books 3 The Gruffalo’s Child

How does Julia Donaldson follow up from her smash hit The Gruffalo? By penning a follow up book that is just every bit as charming as its predecessor. The Gruffalo’s Child is a charming tale that this time stars a cute as a button child Gruffalo on a quest for adventure.

This little girl Gruffalo is sitting with her father as he tells her the tale of the big bad mouse who terrified him in the woods during the first book. The Gruffalo’s Child is enthralled by this as to her, daddy Gruffalo is scared of nothing! She is warned that the woods are a dangerous place and that she should never go there because that is where this big bad
mouse lives!

One of the cleverest things about The Gruffalo’s Child is the way that it walks a very similar path to the first book. This is a book that has clearly been written with the intention that the people reading it will have read the original Gruffalo book first.

The Gruffalo’s child decides for herself that she needs to go into the woods and see if this big bad mouse is real and is as tough and scary as her dad said he is! So off she goes to try and find the big bad mouse. On her journey she comes across the owl, snake and fox from the first book. This is something that kids are sure to get a big kick out of. These animals point her in the direction of the big bad mouse, but she has her doubts and starts to think that these animals and her father are messing with her. Until she comes face to face with the big bad mouse….. or the smaller version.

She sees this little mouse and decides this cannot be the mouse her father was talking about. But we all know that it is! The brave little mouse manages to trick the Gruffalo’s Child by pretending his shadow is really him! She gets frightened and runs back home to be with her father all the while realising that being scared of things is ok.

The Gruffalo’s Child is just a charming story. It may not be as beloved as the first book, but it is a fantastic follow up and one that kids will truly enjoy.