Julia Donaldson Books 4 Tyrannosaurus Drip

Many people thought that perhaps Julia Donaldson had peaked with The Gruffalo and after the Gruffalo’s Child we should expect a ton more follow ups to The Gruffalo. But that is not the case at all. She in 2008 released this gem, Tyrannosaurus Drip. Which showed that she is able to come up with even more great stories and characters that kids will fall in love with. Kids love dinosaurs and even kids who are not too keen on reading will love Tyrannosaurus Drip.

Written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by David Roberts. Tyrannosaurus Drip is a very well written and illustrated book that right from the front cover is going to capture a child’s imagination. This is written in a rhyming style, very similar to her Gruffalo books. This makes reading the book very easy and it has a good flow to it. This means that once a child starts they will want to ensure they get to the book in one sitting.

So what is Tyrannosaurus Drip about? Well it is a duck out of water, wrong place at the wrong time kind of story! Once day through a strange series of events a Duckbill dinosaur egg ends up in a nest….. a T Rex nest!!!!! Once the egg hatches the T Rex’s treat him like the odd one out. He is picked on by his big mean, T Rex sisters and made fun of for wanting to have a nice and quiet life where he can just eat all the water week he wants!

This is a great story about family, fitting in and why it is ok to be different. The story is just full of charm and the funny illustrations do a wonderful job in bringing the dinosaurs to life.

Tyrannosaurus Drip is the kind of book that is just perfect for young children. It is very entertaining so they will actually be excited to read it with you and just as they are starting to read themselves, this is the kind of book that is just perfect to encourage that.