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Junk those ordinary kid’s books your kid might be tired of reading every day. Kids hate reading the same old storybook you bought for him years and years ago. How would your kid learn something new if he or she’s dealing with the same material for ages? Don’t worry, there’s a solution to that: Head to Dave’s Deals to get the best deals of newest kid’s books. We’re proud to say that we never fail to offer kid’s books that most of the other online shops in Australia do not offer. When we say we have a lot of kid’s book for your kid to choose from, we mean it.

Here are some of the popular and bestselling kid’s books exclusively at Dave’s Deals: 

Disney Princess – My Busy Books – If your little one is a girl who’s a princess disney princess busy bookswannabe, this one’s awesome for her. Of all kid’s books for girls that you could think of, this one’s outstanding because it does not only develop your daughter’s reading skills while enjoying the Disney Princesses illustration, but it also includes toys. This is truly a wise find because your kid will get twice the fun for the price of one. Buy Now

Transformers Retro Slipcase by Transformers – If your kid is a young boy who loves diving into action-packed activities, this one’s ideal for him. We all know that Transformers has been a timeless masterpiece, and this kid’s book with eight amazing comic books is the best start for your kid to appreciate the characters you’ve loved when you were younger.

My Mr Men Complete Library – One of the best kid’s books for younger kids between the ages 2 to 4 because with this book, you will find it effortless to entertain your toddler. My Mr Men Complete Library features 47 classic yet adorable Mr Men tales. Not only that, this box set will help your younger kid enhance their reading comprehension and vocabulary.

The Complete Peter Rabbit Library Box Set with 23 Volumes by Beatrix Potter

the world of peter rabbit – If you’re finding it hard to make your kid appreciate reading, take a leap of faith in this collection. The Complete Peter Rabbit Library Box Set With 23 Volumes will take your kid to the wonderful world of charming characters namely Peter Rabbit, Mrs Tittlemouse, and Jeremy Fisher. This box set will not only excite your kid to read but will also entertain him or her with the colorful illustrations per page. Buy Now

The Chronicles of Narnia 7 Book Set by C.S. LewisThe story may be a classic one, but this item will be something new your kid would surely love if he or she has not yet been introduced to this popular tale. This set was designed to look something new and appealing to the eyes of your little one as it now comes in a slipcase.

Those are just a few of the many unbelievably amazing kid’s books you can find hereHere at Daves Deals, it’s highly guaranteed that you will find the best materials for your kid’s learning and entertainment.