Kids Stories

Kids stories more often than not are just as much for the adults reading them with the child!

Knowing what is a story that a kid will like and what they will not like is kind of tricky, but here you will find the very best when it comes to stories for kids. All the best characters, written by the best authors are what you will find here!

So when you are looking for the best kids stories, you want to be making sure you are looking at the best characters. Some of the best characters out there these days are from the world of comic books. Which thanks to the vast amount of movies based on them. Have never been more popular. No matter if it is Marvel or DC your child like, you are covered!

The DC Comics Super Hero Collection features tales from four of the biggest heroes in the DC Universe! The books in this collection are on Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern. If it is kids stories that are based on Marvel Super Heroes you are after then you will love the Marvel Battle Files Collection which has books based on Spider-Man, Iron Man and many more awesome Marvel Heroes.

While super heroes are great. There are many people who like a more traditional kind of story. A story that they read when they were a kid and they now want to pass onto their own child or a child who is special to them. Well there are a vast amount of classic kids stories here ranging from classics from Beatrix Potter with her Peter Rabbit stories to C.S Lewis and the Chronicles Of Narnia. There are just as many classic children’s stories here as there is modern ones.

So before you purchase your child another video game have a look at all these amazing kids stories and get them something they can cherish forever!