Marvel Battle Files Collection

There is nothing cooler or more exciting than Marvel Super Heroes! Marvel has some of the most amazing characters in the word and with this awesome collection, you are going to read about some of the most exciting, epic and memorable battles in the Marvel universe!

The Marvel Battle Files Collection features some of the biggest and best heroes that Marvel has to offer. In these books, you will learn about not just the heroes, but the countless villains they have faced as well. Each of the hardback books in this collection has some amazing artwork and plenty of twists and turns that make each one a very exciting read for super hero fans of all ages.

This incredible set comes in a really cool looking slip case that is going to make this collection look fantastic sitting on a shelf. It also ensures that you can keep the collection all together and keep it in top condition so you will be able to enjoy these amazing stories for many years to come!

The Marvel Battle Files Collection contains the five following books.

Spider-Man Battle Files: Spider-Man is one of the most popular super heroes of all time and in this amazing book. You will find out about his greatest battles with some of his most iconic villains such as Venom, Green Goblin and Dr Octopus!

The Avengers Battle Files: The Avengers leap of the big screen and into the palm of your hand. As you read about how this team of super heroes were brought together to take on some of the biggest threats the Marvel universe has ever seen!

Iron Man Battle Files: Tony Stark, the genius inventor of the Iron Man suit has had more than his fair share of battles with villains such as Iron Monger, Whiplash and The Mandarin. Well now you can see just how Iron Man manages to take the bad guys down, thanks to this exciting book!

Heroic Battle Files: Read about the heroes who are willing to put it all on the line to keep the planet safe. Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow and many more and in this book.

Mega Battle Files: Sometimes a battle can be bigger than the whole of the planet Earth! Lean about intergalactic battles that defy space and time with heroes such as the Guardians Of The Galaxy!