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Mr. Men and Little Miss

Whatever your child’s mood or personality, chances are he or she has become a Mr. Men or a Little Miss in everyday life. Whether your rug rat is often a Mr. Messy when it comes to playtime or tends to be Little Miss Chatterbox during parties, he or she can surely identify with the adorably quirky characters from the Mr. Men and Little Miss series.

Mr. Men and Little MissFun fact: A Mr. Men and Little Miss book is sold every 2.5 seconds across the world. Age-appropriate with a kid-friendly size that makes it perfect to read on the go, at school, or during bedtime, these series of reads will convert any child into a bookworm.

A brainchild of the English author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves, these timeless classics started out as an unassuming children’s picture book in 1971. Inspired by his son Adam who asked what a tickle looks like, Roger put pen to paper and sketched a figure with a round body, a big orange smiley face and the now trademark squiggly arms. Mr. Tickle has been given a form at last!

Several decades later, 84 other Mr. Men and Little Miss characters joined him, adding spunk and spirit to the expansive little world created by Roger. Introduce your tiny tot to these zany bunch with our remarkable collection of Mr. Men and Little Miss titles. These tiny, square-shaped storybooks bring a pocketful of nostalgia for parents and a bundle of amusement for children.

For starters, we have individual book titles you and your child can pick out together. These are Little Miss Bossy And The Magic Word, Little Miss Helpful And The Green House, Little Miss Neat And The Last Leaf, Little Miss Splendid And The House With A View, and Little Miss Sunshine Keeps Her Smile, to name a few. If you collect all 12 Little Miss New Library titles, you can line them up in order to create a wonderful spine art mural.

Mr. Men fans won’t be left behind, of course. We have titles like Mr. Bump Loses His Memory, Mr. Happy Finds A Hobby, M.r Silly Gets the Giggles, Mr. Strong And The Flood, and Mr. Tickle In A Tangle, among many others. Once you collect all 12 Mr. Men Library titles, you can build charming spine art when you arrange them the right way.

Mr. Men and Little MissIf you want to start building a collection for your child, we have the Little Miss Collection Treasury and Mr. Men Collection Treasury. These narrate the fun little happenings in the lives of several characters, all fully illustrated in vivid color and bold lines. We also have the Mr. Men & Little Miss Story Treasury, a wonderful crossover set in which Mr. Mens cross paths with the Little Misses.

The Little Miss Library also makes an amazing addition to your child’s growing collection. This encases Roger Hargreaves' timeless tales in a beautiful and handy gift box. Making appearances are Little Miss Sommersault, Little Miss Twins, Little Miss Scatterbrain, Little Miss Whoops...the list goes on. Contact us to know more about the rest of the 34-story collection.

Take it a step further with our My Little Miss Complete Library and My Mr. Men Complete Library. Each set presents the complete collection of 47 delightful stories of all Mr. Mens and Little Misses. This definitely deserves the top spot on any child's bookshelf.

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