Paw Patrol Characters

Paw Patrol has been one of the most-loved animation series that has been airing in Nickelodeon since 2013. It was also seen in DVD and movies. In a nutshell, Paw Patrol is about six rescue dogs that are on a mission to protect the community, led by a 10-year old boy named Ryder. With this kind of animation plot, it’s for sure that your kids can’t get enough of Paw Patrol because shows a heroic, thrilling, and dazzling adventure that kids all over the world surely love.

Paw Patrol Books, Games and Puzzles

Now, if your kids can’t get enough of the Paw Patrol adventure, you can set their imagination for a Paw Patrol journey with the characters through the Paw Patrol stuff from Dave’s Deals toys and online book store. There are too many Paw Patrol goodies that your kids will surely love such as Paw Patrol Books, Paw Patrol Games and Paw Patrol Puzzles.

paw patrol card gameIf you want to engage your kids in an astounding adventure with the Paw Patrol characters, purchase the Large 46 Piece Giant Floor Puzzle for a fun and exciting Paw Patrol activity at home. What’s not to love about the Paw Paw Patrol Large 46 Piece Giant Floor Puzzle? This Paw Patrol puzzle item measures 30 inches by 24 inches so that means it is also suitable not only for a toddler to solve but also for a kiddie group. Each colorful puzzle piece was crafted with quality because each piece is guaranteed sturdy yet easy to put together. This Paw Patrol puzzle is truly a bestseller, not only on Dave’s Deals, but worldwide. Based on customer reviews, this puzzle item does not include the good old puzzle square edges so it will surely make your kids use their mind while enjoying the puzzle-solving fun. For sure, your kids won’t stop solving this puzzle item because it’s really challenging unlike other cartoon character puzzles you have already bought for them. 

Paw Patrol Puzzles

What are you waiting for? Ask your kids to tag along their fellow Paw Patrol fan friends and have an exciting Paw Patrol, mind-stimulating party at your home! The Paw Patrol Large 46 Piece Giant Floor Puzzle is also perfect during a picnic so that your kids won’t get bored while munching all the meals you prepared for the family. On the other hand, it’s also a perfect yet inexpensive gift idea for your friends’ kids who are celebrating their birthday. If your little ones are Paw Patrol enthusiasts who have been collecting Paw Patrol characters items, this puzzle can also serve as one of their collectibles. With the Paw Patrol puzzle, you can absolutely turn your kids’ palms into paws on deck while unraveling the image of adventurous Ryder with his six Paw Patrol rescue pups Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye.  

The Paw Patrol Large 46 Piece Giant Floor Puzzle is best paired with Paw Patrol books for a smashing package of Paw Patrol characters engagement with your kids’ little hands and little minds. 






































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