Peppa Pig Cooler Bag with 4 Read-it-yourself Books

Little boys and girls from all over the world love to give their loudest oink, oinks while they are watching Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig has become one of the biggest kids TV shows these last few years and no matter if your child loves Peppa, George or one of their other little friends. This Peppa Pig Cooler Bag with 4 Read-it- yourself Books would make for a fantastic gift.

The Peppa Pig Cooler Bag with 4 Read-it-yourself Books first of all is a high quality fabric lunch box. On the inside there is some high quality insulation that will help keep any drinks or sandwiches you place in here nice and cool. It would be a perfect lunch bag for school or even just a day at the beach. It boasts some awesome Peppa Pig artwork that sees George playing with his dinosaur and Peppa with her little bear. The easy to use zip means that kids will be able to open and close the lunch box easily.

Now the lunch box on its own is great, but this also comes with four fantastic Peppa Pig books that are based on episodes of the TV show. These charming books are filled with funny stories and great scenes from the hit show.

The books that come with the Peppa Pig Cooler Bag with 4 Read-it- yourself Books are:

Sports Day: Will Peppa and George win a trophy at Peppa’s school sports day?

Nature Trail: What kind of exciting and fun will the family have as they go on a nature trail?

Recycling Fun: Can recycling really be fun? Well join Peppa and find out!

Little Creatures: Just what are these little creatures that are confusing Peppa and her school


This is a great set and would be something all little Peppa Pig fans really enjoy.

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