Peppa Pig Hammer & Peg Game

The awesome Peppa Pig Hammer & Peg Game manages to entertain your children by capturing what makes the show just so appealing. By far one of the biggest children’s TV shows of the last decade. Peppa Pig just keeps getting bigger and bigger with little girls and boys just loving all the antics that Peppa, George and the rest of her little friends get up to.

The Peppa Pig Hammer & Peg Game is a fun and charming way for your child to learn as they play. You may be wondering what is educational about hitting wooden pegs with a hammer. But it has been proven that activities like this can greatly help a child’s hand eye coordination. So even though they will be laughing and enjoying themselves. This is a toy that is going to help move along their development.

The idea of the Peppa Pig Hammer & Peg Game is that your child picks one of the five wooden pieces and places it into the hole. These are not just normal pieces as each one has a Peppa Pig character on it. There is Peppa Pig, George Pig, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit and Candy Cat. Once they have selected a character they then need to place them in the hole and hit the top with the hammer. They can hit it all the way through or just a little bit, turn the toy over and start again. You can have a lot of fun with this as you play a game where you tell your child what character to find and then hit with the hammer.

The Peppa Pig Hammer & Peg Game is certainly a lot of fun and something that preschool aged kids are going to have many hours of fun with. Just be prepared to hear lots of oink, oinks followed by bang bangs of the hammer!