Peppa Pig JUMBO Wooden Dominoes

Kids cannot get enough of Peppa, George and the rest of her family and her little friends from school. Peppa Pig is one of the top children’s TV shows and thanks to this Peppa Pig JUMBO Wooden Dominoes set. Your child can have fun with Peppa all the while learning along the way.

The Peppa Pig JUMBO Wooden Dominoes is made up of 32 large sized dominoes. These dominoes are large so they are perfect for little hands. They are made with wood so they are very robust and can take the kind of rough play that preschool kids like to do. This dominoes set comes in a very handy box that makes putting them away and making sure none get lost very easy. As a matter of fact tidy up time can be a lot of fun as you can make a game of putting the dominoes away.

All 32 of the dominoes in the Peppa Pig JUMBO Wooden Dominoes set have as much charm as an hour long special of Peppa Pig. Each one is double sided with one side having numbers like traditional dominoes and the other having pictures. This means that when your child first starts playing they can just use the pictures. Once they get the hang of dominoes then you can use the numbers. This game is a fantastic and fun way to help your child learn their numbers as well as teaching them to use a little bit of strategy as well. A twist in this game is the triangle sided dominoes which add a whole new fun dimension to the game.

If you want a game that manages to capture the magic and adorableness of Peppa Pig, but also help teach your child a thing or two. Then the Peppa Pig JUMBO Wooden Dominoes is perfect for you.