Peppa Pig Pile Up Game

Oink, oink! You really do not get much more fun and exciting than Peppa Pig and all of her little friends and family. The Peppa Pig Pile Up Game brings all the fun, excitement and cuteness of the TV shows and puts it into a game that is not just a lot of fun, but also something that can help your child learn a little as they play.

The Peppa Pig Pile Up Game contains 12 different characters from the world of Peppa Pig. There is Peppa, George, Daddy, Mummy, Danny, Pedro, Suzy and many more. Each character is their own separate playing piece that is made from strong wood so this is one of the more robust kids games out there.

Using the included base the idea of the Peppa Pig Pile Up Game is that you have to pile upthe different characters and see how high you can get them! Will you be able to use all 12 characters and make a giant Peppa Pig pile? Or will you put just a couple and then have the Daddy Pig piece make them all crash down! No matter what you do, you will be having a lot of fun with this game and the kids are sure to be laughing the whole time they are playing.

While this is a very fun game. The Peppa Pig Pile Up Game is also great for helping a child develop their fine motor skills. They will learn to be a bit more patient and gentle when they place the pieces down and before you know it they will be building big Peppa Pig stacks using all 12 pieces!

The Peppa Pig Pile Up Game is a truly fun and exciting game that because it is made so well is going to give your child many years of enjoyment.